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CT Group Tip: Pick a Picture and Present

In some treatment modalities such as long-term support groups, open ended relapse prevention sessions, long-term treatment and prison-based programs there is often a need for new group session ideas based on criminal thinking and thinking error deterrents. Here is a … Continue reading

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CT Group Tip: Facilitator Preparation

Criminal Thinking group facilitators who conduct ongoing and open-ended groups may become lax in their pre-group preparation process. Presenting material that we are very familiar with over time can lead to unconscious habits of behavior and biases that may work … Continue reading

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CT Group Tip: How vs. Why

As a general rule in criminal thinking group settings I stay away from asking “why” questions. “Why” questions usually lead to excuses and additional criminal thinking errors. Asking, “how” or “what” questions is a good rule of thumb. How is … Continue reading

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